Professional On Hold Message Solutions

On Hold Messages create a unique opportunity to make a lasting impression to your callers. Businesses have a potential captive audience and can inform callers about products, promotions and frequently asked questions. Statistics show that around 70% of callers are placed on hold – surprised?

On Hold Magic help you take advantage of call opportunities and create a processional first impression. Its time to get serious about your company image, let On hold Magic lead the way…..

We encourage you to take the time to browse through our website to see how an On Hold Magic phone message solution will work for you. We have made thousands of different phone messages for businesses over many years. On Hold Magic clients love the quality and response they get from their on hold phone message systems. Whether it is a standard message, or seasonal advertising requirements we’ll make your phone solution stand out. Have your customers asking you for more business after listening to your messages on hold!

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Our range of telephony services includes the following:

On Hold Messages

Magic Studios is On Hold Magic’s big sister business .We have over 20 years experience in on hold phone message solutions, our success has earned us the reputation of being one of Australia’s best on hold phone marketing specialists. Businesses don’t want to leave their potential first point of contact to fate? We can tailor an on hold phone message to suit your business that makes an impact without impacting you financially. Or customers can select also from a huge range of other professional voice over services. To view these visit: Magic Studios Professional Voice Over Services

The history of on hold telephone messages according to Wikipedia – Music on hold was created by Alfred Levy, an inventor, factory owner, and entrepreneur. In 1962, Levy discovered a problem with the phone lines at his factory. He discovered that a loose wire was touching a metal girder on the building. This made the building a giant receiver so that the audio broadcast signal from a radio station next door would transmit through the loose wire and could be heard when calls were put on hold.[1] Levy patented his work in 1966.[2] While other advancements have come to change and enhance the technology, it was this initial patent creation that began the evolution for today’s Music On Hold.